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Biology Glossary A to Z

Biology Glossary A to Z A Abiogenesis: Early theory that held that some organisms originated from nonliving material. Abnormal hemoglobin: Hemoglobin molecule with a different shape due to an altered amino acid sequence (ultimately caused by an altered DNA base sequence), such as in the inherited disease sickle-cell anemia. Abscisic acid: A plant hormone that promotes dormancy in perennial plants …

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Physical Scientific Measurement Instrument

Physical Scientific Measurement Instrument 1. Pressure: Barometer 2. Voltage: Voltmeter 3. Purity Of Milk: Lactometer 4. Temperature: Thermometer 5. Velocity Of Wind: Anemometer 6. Earthquake: Richter Scale 7. Degree Of Humidity: Hygrometer 8. Blood Pressure: Sphygmomanometer 9. Radioactivity: Geiger Counter 10. High Temperature: Pyrometer 11. Rainfall: Rain Guage 12. Earthquake Recording: Seismograph 13. Electric current: Ammeter

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Important Scientific Discoveries & Inventions

Important Scientific Discoveries & Inventions 1. Structure Of DNA: Watson & Crick 2. Rabies Vaccination: Louis Pasteur 3. Penicillin: Alexander Fleming 4. Genetic Laws of Heredity: Mendel 5. Vaccination Against Small Pox: Edward Jenner 6. Solar System: Copernicus 7. Current Electricity: Volta 8. Telephone: Graham Bell 9. Gramophone: Thomas Edison 10. Atomic Number: Mosley 11. Mercury Thermometer: Fahrenheit 12. Dynamite: …

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Some Important Scientific Units

Some Important Scientific Units UNITS: 1. Force: Newton/ Dyne 2. Temperature: Kelvin/ Celsius/ Degree 3. Current: Ampere 4. Heat: Joule/ Calorie/ BTU 5. Pressure: Pascal/Torr 6. Radioactivity: Becquerel/Curie/Rutherford 7. Atomic energy: Rydberg/Joule 8. Voltage: Volt 9. Electric Potential Difference: Volt 10. Electric Charge: Coulomb 11. Power: Watt 12. Resistance: Ohm 13. Conductivity: Mho 14. Energy: Joule/ Erg 15. Distance Between …

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Some Important Every Day Science Abbreviations for CSS

Some Important Every Day Science Abbreviations  for CSS 1.    LPG: Liquefied Petroleum Gas 2.    TNT: Tri Nitro Toluene 3.    RNA: Ribonucleic Acid 4.    CNG: Compressed Natural Gas 5.    ATP: Adenosine Tri Phosphate 6.    RBC: Red Blood Cells/Corpuscles 7.    ECG: Electro Cardio Gram 8.    PVC: Poly vinyl Chloride 9.    RAM: Random Access Memory 10.    CFC: Chloro Fluoro Carbon 11.    LASER: Light …

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