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Panasonic TX-L42WT50B Plasma Tv Review

Panasonic TX-L42WT50B Plasma Tv Review

Panasonic TX-L42WT50B Plasma Tv Review
Panasonic TX-L42WT50B Plasma Tv Review

Panasonic TX-L42WT50B Plasma Tv Review

As a plasma TV ” loudest advocate , with huge plasma production on their beliefs, it is no surprise that Panasonic was slower than most – well , everyone , really – when it comes to fully embrace LCD as a worthwhile TV technology .

Sure, there have been a few years now in the LCD models of Panasonic TV area. But they have always limited in size and scope , with plasmas from which the whole of the big screen from Panasonic home theater enthusiasts offering.

This year it’s all change , however . 2012 LCD TV range from Panasonic is not just as expansive in numbers as plasma , but it also includes screen sizes all the way up to 55 inches , and some really flagship – Status Offers full of high -level features, design flourishes and image technique.

The 42 -inch Panasonic L42WT50 is such a statement flagship – a status it carries out right on the sleeve, thanks to a magnificent glass and metal design and a bezel is so slim would not be out of place on one of the LG or high-fashion models from Samsung.

This is a big leap for the aesthetics of a brand that lived only in the last year, usually in the ” a bit bland ” category for its TV designs.

Within the Panasonic TX- L42WT50 , now a dual-core processor system is used both drive nor Panasonic ‘s most powerful image processing machine – complete with local dimming for Edge – LED lighting system – and provide additional comfort features , including some welcome multitasking using expansive multimedia capabilities of the set.

The L42WT50 UK price is £ 2,195 (about $ 3,460 ) and is in the Panasonic range of bigger brothers the 47-inch and 55-inch L47WT50 L55WT50 partnership.

Including the Panasonic L42DT50 and L47DT50 – in the same sizes , but did not have the dual-core processing and thus not always top-level image processing Panasonic nor the L42WT50 multitasking functions directly under the Panasonic WT50 TVs you can use the DT50 find television .

The WT50 TVs will ship with two pairs of 3D glasses included, whereas you get with the DT50 series no .

In terms of competition , the Panasonic TX – L42WT50 , are the obvious candidates of the Samsung ES8000 series and Sony HX853 series – both already rated good, and so competition.It the Panasonic TX- L42WT50 pretty stiff with some is fair to say could present that not all of the recent flagship TVs from Panasonic are really looked flagship TVs. In fact, they ‘ve usually looked a bit outdated . However, this is not an accusation that could be leveled at the Panasonic TX- L42WT50 .

Panasonic has updated its aesthetics complete, the combination of a new “Glass and Metal ” design ethos with a super- narrow bezel and trim back, which ultimately enables this venerable Japanese brand to go toe -to-toe constructively with the most glamorous offers from the two large walk Korean AV brands.

The Panasonic TX- L42WT50 has all the connections to nothing , despite the reduced rear . The search for four v1.4 HDMIs for 3D and HD digital playback is not less than we expect from a flagship TV in 2012. But it is certainly good , Panasonic also more than recognition of the importance of multimedia in today’s world by three USBs , is an SD slot and built-in Wi – Fi for multimedia playback .

The Wi -Fi support running both streaming from DLNA PCs and go online with Panasonic Viera Connect online service , while the USB and SD card slots allow also record according to formatted devices from the built-in DVB – T HD and Freesat HD tuner .

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