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Tips to Plant Best Flowers in Your Garden for Summer

Tips to Plant Best Flowers in Your Garden for Summer

Tips to Plant Best Flowers in Your Garden for Summer
Tips to Plant Best Flowers in Your Garden for Summer

Tips to Plant Best Flowers in Your Garden for Summer

To decorate your garden in the summer is not a difficult task, but the thing that you must keep in mind is the selection of flowers depending on the season . Always plant the flowers, taking into account the season in which the blossom fully . Summer is connected with sharpness that burns everything with their intensity. To decorate your garden in the summer , you should see the flowers that bloom long in the blazing sun. Below is the list of flowers that bloom even in the worst weather in the summer .
This is one of the most common flower , the flower is almost every garden is summer. This is because sunflowers blooms with bright sun light , and that is why this flower is considered to be one of the best summer flowers for the garden. These are great , but there is also a change in its size. You can plant in your garden after the course.
Moonbeam :
This flower is for those who love yellow largest is meant. The bright yellow color of the flower is a bright look to your garden . This is summer flower that blooms in June until frost and need bright sunlight to partial shade for its better growth . It is golden from the center and its petals are very neat and fine. You can plant blue and purple flowers to make an eye-catcher in your garden , however . It will give your garden a wonderful view and everyone will admire your garden safe .
zinnias :
If you want to add variety of colors of the same flower , then you should plant zinnias in your garden. This flower comes in a variety of colors such as red, yellow, orange etc. Although this flower blooms in the fall , but it can also plant your garden in the summer to make colorful.
begonias :
This flower does not need bright sun , you can this flower to some shady place to try in your garden. That’s just two or three colors in this flower. White and red color begonias are popular, but now days , orange and yellow hues are also on their way. The special thing about this flower is that it grows in both green and bronze leaves . This gives it a unique look among other plants, because all plants usually have green color leaves. You can use this flower not only in the summer season, but in autumn , plants as well because bright sun is not necessary for their growth. It can be in the shade and partial sun and bloom.
Marigolds :
There are two types of marigold marigold French marigold and regular . French marigold less frilly than normal and their bright orange and yellow color lovely in hot weather. What is special about this flower that grows less and spread . You can create a border of your garden by planting flowers in this summer season. Besides that, you can also plant them in a large pot and place this pot in the front corner of the garden. There is a spark admire views from the front and force others your garden decoration.
Pink Jewel :
The bright pink flower with yellow center flowers from June to September. The yellow center turns green , as time goes by . This flower requires bright sunlight , so it is best known summer flower. It has fine beam like petals with hint of blue in shade. The flower does not require high maintenance so easy it is for you to plant this flower in the garden. The requirement of this flower is full of bright sunlight , but it also has the ability to light and shade tolerated.

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